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October is National Dental Hygiene Month

The American Dental Association has chosen October as its National Dental Hygiene Month. Here at Jones Bridge Dental Care we celebrate the important work dentists and dental hygienists everywhere do to provide excellent oral health care. However, we think EVERY month should be dental hygiene month. Especially the months between your routine visits with us.
Our hygienists (and probably all the hygienists in the world) gently remind patients to practice good oral hygiene habits at home to the best of their ability, and we check your progress at each visit. We always try to recognize where patients are doing a great job and to point out areas where their hygiene routine could use improvement. We may also suggest some additional techniques and products that support your individual condition.
As part of Dental Hygiene month, the ADA created a program called

“Do the Daily 4.”

These are the four specific things that patients can do between their routine, preventive visits with us to improve their oral health.
1. Brush twice daily
2. Floss daily
3. Rinse using mouthwash
4. Chew sugar free-gum

Oral health is a key indicator of your body’s overall systemic health. And smiling is a well-known indicator of happiness! Great looking teeth are important when flashing a smile or throwing your head back in laughter, but a healthy mouth is the support system that makes smiling possible. Maintaining proper oral health includes a balance of diet and home care to deal with acidity that can cause tooth decay and gum disease – and this balance is unique to every patient.
Our hygienists are very focused on detecting and preventing conditions and diseases that can start in your mouth. Studies show that periodontal disease is closely linked to other diseases of the body – and it’s the number one target for our hygienists. When detected early, we can treat and possibly reverse periodontal disease and prevent the need for extensive treatment (including surgery) and years of costly management. In addition to focused attention to your gums (including measuring the attachment depths to your teeth), our hygienists closely inspect the surfaces of your teeth. Worn cusps on molars are a clear sign of clenching or grinding, as are sore jaw muscles or morning headaches. Having a conversation with your hygienist about these signs can reveal that teeth grinding may be a response to stress or seasonal allergies. Teeth grinding (bruxism) can also place stress on existing dental work, or weaken your teeth’s ability to fight decay. Our hygienists will convey all this information to your dentist so they can thoroughly diagnose the conditions and propose treatment options.

The hygiene team at Jones Bridge Dental believes in an open-ended conversation and co-discovery regarding your oral health. After all – these are your teeth! Diet, exercise and lifestyle habits may all directly affect your dental health.

So, while October may be the month that we focus on celebrating our dental hygienists, at Jones Bridge Dental Care, we think every month should be Dental Hygiene Awareness month!