Visit Your Dentist About Composite Dental Fillings

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Receiving the proper oral health care for your smile is essential to ensure your teeth have the greatest chance of success both now and in the future. If you wish to receive optimum oral health care, visit your dentist to determine if any cavities are present in your teeth. If a cavity is present, it will need to be eradicated and treated with a dental filling. Consider a composite dental filling for any restorations you may need.

If you have suffered extensive tooth decay and a cavity has formed in a tooth, you will need to use a dental filling to help correct the ailment. If left untreated, cavities can give rise to infections, and eventual tooth loss. Thus, a filling will be needed to prepare your smile. One type of filling to consider is a composite dental filling.

Composite dental fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings, are extremely popular forms of dental fillings because they can be customized and colored to the natural look of your teeth. They can also be adjusted in size to use for extremely small cavities that are too small for a dental amalgam treatment. Composite fillings are also extremely durable and can last up to a decade.

Composite dental fillings are mercury-free, which can be beneficial to individuals who are allergic to the substance. In addition, they are better sealants of the margins then dental amalgams, and will not leak as bad. If you wish to speak with your dentist about tooth-colored composites, contact our office.

Achieve a better smile with optimum oral health care success courtesy of composite dental fillings. If you would like to set up composite dental fillings at Jones Bridge Dental Care, you are welcome to call our dentist office in Alpharetta, Georgia, at our number 678-813-1634. Dr. Leo Eliezer and our entire team look forward to upgrading your smile.