Using Dental Implants and Bridges to Replace Lost Teeth

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When dental implants were first being employed by dentists, they were primarily used for the purpose of replacing one tooth at a time. Dental technology has evolved over the past two decades, and now your dentist, Dr. Leo Eliezer is able to replace multiple teeth at a time by anchoring a dental bridge in their place.

Although dental bridges and their titanium abutments are crafted out of materials immune to decay, it is still vital they are cleaned through regular brushing and flossing. If neglected, the plaque and food particles built up on the bridge can develop into tartar. This puts the wearer at a high risk of developing gum disease. Advanced stages of gum disease, such as periodontitis, are known to loosen the abutments that hold the bridge in place, and this can cause a person to lose their dental bridge.

Some people find difficulty in cleaning their dental bridge. In such cases, they are usually recommended you try using a dental water jet, a waxed floss threader, or interdental brushes.

Regular dental checkups are also important to people with dental implants so that their dentist can look over the dental implant as well as inspect the health of the gums.

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