The Truth About Mouth Myths

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There are many mouth myths circling in the world today that lead you to believe certain things are true. This is quite unfortunate because it can encourage you to avoid properly caring for and cleaning your smile. So, to help you know the truth about your mouth and oral health, Dr. Leo Eliezer is happy to set the record straight with a few mouth and oral health myths.

Myth No. 1: It’s normal to have bleeding gums.

Your gums are not supposed to bleed, so no, it is not normal to have bleeding gums. If you ever notice a little pink in the sink, it’s important to schedule a dental appointment when you can. Bleeding gums can be a sign of a bigger dental issue. Also, please remember to floss your teeth at least once a day. This will help you avoid this occurrence.

Myth No. 2: String floss is the only tool you can use to clean between your teeth.

You can clean between your teeth with tools other than string floss. In fact, there are other tools you can use, like flossing sticks and water flossers, that might even be easier to use.

Myth No. 3: Your teeth are healthy if they don’t hurt.

Not having tooth pain is quite convenient, but that doesn’t mean your teeth are healthy. While we like to think this is the case, there are many dental issues that can develop without creating painful symptoms, like gum disease. So, even though your teeth don’t hurt, it’s important to keep up on oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.

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