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A smile is one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. A beautiful white smile will not only increase your self confidence, it will also give you the appearance of being a clean and healthy person. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of all adults believe a smile is an important social asset and 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing.
Teeth yellowing or discoloration is caused by many things including tobacco use, drinking dark liquids such as soda, coffee, red wine and tea and colorful foods such as berries. Aging as well as some prescription medications are also factors.
Jones Bridge Dental Care offers two whitening systems to our patients. The first option is the “Whitening for Life” Program. This program includes custom whitening trays that are molded to fit your teeth, a take home whitening gel system and whitening gel every six months at your cleaning appointment. This whitening system is not available over-the-counter and works much more effectively than anything you can find at a drug store. We are currently running a special and offering this at a one time enrollment fee of $99.
The other whitening system Jones Bridge Dental Care offers is the Zoom! Teeth Whitening System. Zoom Teeth Whitening is the most requested whitening treatment in dental offices today – and for good reason. The revolutionary procedure has been clinically proven to whiten yellow stained teeth up to eight shades whiter in just over an hour. Zoom Teeth Whitening uses a combination of a hydrogen peroxide based gel and a specialized lighting system. Once the gel is applied to the teeth, the light is then used to activate the gel, removing years of stains and discoloration.
Zoom Teeth Whitening is for those who want whiter teeth quickly and effectively. It is not recommended for children under 13 and women who are pregnant or lactating. Teeth whitening also does not work with patients who have existing dental prosthetics such as veneers or crowns.
Over-the-counter whitening systems do not compare to what we offer in our office. Whitening strips and gels can take 7-30 days to work with inconsistent results. Additionally, whitening toothpastes can take several months to remove superficial stains but fades if you stop using the toothpaste.
Research and clinical studies have proved teeth whitening to be very safe. In fact, most dentists will agree that teeth whitening is the safest cosmetic dental procedure available. During the Zoom Teeth Whitening, your eyes and all soft tissue in and around the mouth are protected at all times. Although Zoom Teeth Whitening is typically fast and pain-free, some may experience minor tooth and gum sensitivity. Everyone responds to whitening differently. If you have reservations about sensitivity, contact Jones Bridge Dental Care at 678-374-4473 and speak with someone about options to manage senstivity prior to your appointment.
The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Jones Bridge Dental Care, conveniently located in Alpharetta and Johns Creek, puts your comfort first. During your whitening session, you have full access to our luxurious comfort menu including a Tempur-Pedic chair mat, neck warmer, paraffin hand wax and massages.
For more information about our teeth whitening services and other cosmetic dentistry services we offer such as porcelain veneers, Invisalign and Snap-On Smile and cosmetic bonding, call 678-813-1634.