If you have missing teeth, you probably already researched the different types of dentures and partials available. At Jones Bridge Dental Care, we offer several types of dentures and partials in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our dentists will be sure to utilize our skills to help you solve your missing teeth problem with a beautiful, long-lasting set of dentures or partials.


What problems can missing teeth cause?

Having missing teeth can ruin the appearance of your beautiful, strong, and confident smile. Also, you increase the risk of developing decay and losing functionality of your bite when you have missing teeth. We can help you achieve a natural-looking set of partials or dentures that will help to alleviate negative consequences that come from missing teeth.

Different types of dentures

There are several different options when it comes to dentures. The list below explains the most commonly available types of dentures today:

  • Cosmetic facelift dentures—This type is the top-of-the-line in regards to your denture options. Facelift dentures are completely customized to provide you with a secure, natural-looking fit.
  • Partial dentures—These dentures are often referred to as “partials” or “removable dentures.” They are known by many in the field to be a flexible, and convenient option for filling the void created by missing teeth. They are usually fabricated along a metal base from either all-acrylic or acrylic-based materials. With partials, it is easy to remove them for cleaning and so you can sleep more comfortably. This option is often best for patients that still have natural teeth remaining in their mouth.

As you can see, there are several options when it comes to improving your smile with dentures or partials. With these incredible restorative dentistry options, you will feel more confident and excited with your brand new smile!

Interested in dentures or partial dentures?

If you are interested in dentures or partials, but you still have questions you need answered, please call our office to speak with us. You can schedule your consultation appointment so we can evaluate your teeth and gums, and discuss your smile goals with you. Based on this information and our knowledge, we can help you determine if dentures or partials are best for you.

At Jones Bridge Dental Care, we are committed to excellence in dentistry and compassionate patient care. Drs. Eliezer and our team look forward to creating healthy, beautiful smiles for you and your family.