Improved comfort, functionality, and overall health are all benefits of dental implants. The dentists at Jones Bridge Dental Care offer this restorative solution to patients with missing or severely damaged teeth. If you find it difficult to eat, enunciate, or smile with confidence and you would like to learn more about achieving a healthier, more attractive smile, please contact us today to schedule a consultation for dental implants in Alpharetta, Georgia.

A closer look at dental implants and their benefits

Widely considered to be the best method for treating missing teeth, dental implants provide a long-lasting, stable solution for patients seeking smiles that are more beautiful, functional, and healthy.

Support and durability

Whether you already have a full denture, or simply have missing teeth, implants can provide you with the strong and durable support needed to restore your smile. Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted directly into the jawbone to mimic your natural tooth root. Once in place, implants provide unparalleled security and can help prevent restorations from shifting and moving out of position.

The implants are placed during a minor surgical procedure. Typically, it takes between four to six months for the posts to fuse directly with the jawbone through a natural process called osseointegration. Once the implant has properly fused to the bone and the healing process is complete, our doctors can then use the secured implant to attach a special abutment. The abutment is then used as a point of contact for crowns, dentures, or other restorations. With proper care, the implants can last for a lifetime.

Overall health

In addition to enhanced support for your restoration, dental implants can also achieve improved oral health. Following tooth loss, it is common for the surrounding area of the jawbone to deteriorate due to lack of proper stimulation. This can lead to bone atrophy, gum disease, and further oral health complications. Implants provide much-needed stimulation to keep your jawbone strong and dense, preserving the health of surrounding teeth.

Create a beautiful smile

Dental implants combine unparalleled support, strength, and health benefits, but they can also give patients a boost in confidence. For some patients, missing teeth can cause them to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable when smiling and speaking. With implant-supported restorations, patients can regain their confidence, and show off a more youthful, natural-looking smile.

Other considerations

In order for patients to benefit from implant-supported restorations, it is necessary for the bone to be healthy and your mouth to be free of gum disease. During a thorough examination with one of our doctors, we will analyze your jawbone’s strength and density to determine if this option is the appropriate course of treatment.mark-your-calendars-2

Schedule a consultation

We understand the role that missing and damaged teeth can play in a patient’s quality of life, and how it can affect daily activities. Our doctors are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced dental techniques to help restore function, and aesthetics back to your smile. To learn more about the benefits of dental implants, and to discuss whether you are a good candidate, please schedule your consultation today with Dr. Eliezer.