Do you have a small chip in the corner of your tooth that you wish you could fix, but you don’t know your options? Do you wish there were a pain-free way to fix your problem tooth? Well, Drs. Eliezer, Malikov, Nasseh, Rahman of Jones Bridge Dental Care offers cosmetic bonding to fix your smile problems!


What is cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic dental bonding in Alpharetta, Georgia, is an excellent option to fix minor smile problems for patients who do not want to undergo a long or painful dentistry procedure. This procedure is sometimes referred to as composite bonding or cosmetic tooth bonding. It produces a nearly immediate beautiful smile to fix your smile flaws.


What can patients expect from the dental bonding procedure?

Patients do not have to worry one bit when they choose the cosmetic dental bonding procedure! Here is what patients can look forward to:


  • A strong, composite resin material is placed on either the front or the back teeth.
  • Leo will apply a thin coating of composite resin to the front surface of the problem tooth.
  • A special light will “bond” the resin to your tooth for a long-lasting dental solution.
  • The material is natural looking and is made of medical-grade plastic.


You will experience a pain-free, minimally invasive procedure, too! To top it all off, you can fix your smile problems with composite bonding in one office visit. That’s right—all it takes to fix your chipped tooth is one quick and easy office visit!


How can cosmetic teeth bonding help patients?

Cosmetic teeth bonding is a suitable option for many patients. Actually, Dr. Leo may recommend cosmetic bonding to patients who need to fix or correct:


  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth


Another common reason that patients receive the cosmetic bonding procedure is to replace their old, mercury-contaminated gold or silver fillings. Composite bonding offers a healthy, mercury-free, and natural-looking method to create a flawless smile.


Cosmetic bonding may be a suitable option if you have minor dental problems. Of course, Dr. Leo will fully evaluate your teeth and gums to ensure that cosmetic bonding is right for you.

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