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If your reaction to the back-to-school season is stress and you’re wondering why you have tension in your muscles, it’s no mystery.
Just think back to your biology or anatomy classes. Our muscles are made up of many fibers. If you were to take a look at a cross section of these fibers you would see H-Bands, I-Bands, and Z-Bands. These long strings of fibrous tissue affect the tension that you’re feeling in your neck, shoulders, and back.
Sounding familar yet? Stress and increased use can cause them to look and act much like a zipper. When enough of them ‘zip’, your muscle contracts to move your arm, leg, etc. When we tighten up areas of our body in defense of strss, sometimes too many ‘zippers’ get zipped.
This is when you feel stiffness, soreness, or sometimes knots. Most often, stress causes this to develop in our shoulders.
At Jones Bridge Dental Care, we want your time in our office to be time that you view as an escape from that stress.

With our comfort menu of complimentary services, we encourage you to take advantage of what we have to offer.

Relax at your next dental appointment in our office and relieve your back to school stress. Katrina, our licensed massage therapist, will work away your tension with a 10 min chair massage at absolutely no charge.
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