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If you have missing teeth and are unhappy with your smile or if you have dentures that don’t function as they should, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Below are a few reasons you should contact your dentist about professional dental implants.

Missing Teeth

You can loose teeth from a number of sources, including, but not limited to, an accident, tooth decay, root canal failure, cavities, and gum disease. Once those teeth are gone, they can’t grow back. Or can they? It’s true that your teeth will not grow back, but you don’t have to remain toothless forever. You can get your teeth and smile back with the help of professional implant dentistry.

Restore or Improve Functionality of Teeth

If you have dentures, oftentimes the teeth can slip and cause slurred or mumbled speech or eating troubles. Dental implant surgery works to correct those problems by implanting pseudo-teeth to replace missing roots. Your new teeth will be a permanent solution that won’t obstruct talking or eating.

Improve Your Appearance and Self-esteem

Dental implants can improve your appearance as well. Tooth loss and decay can cause the bones in your jaw to sag or be misplaced. Dental implants correct that. They also fill the gaps left by missing teeth. After this change has taken place, you will be back to your old self, enjoying the confidence and satisfaction that comes from a beautiful smile.

Prevent Bone Loss

Teeth roots provide nutrients to the jawbone to help it stay healthy and dense. When those roots decay or are lost, the bone slowly begins to lose it’s strength and density, which can misalign your jawbone as well as cause pain when eating, smiling, or talking. Dental implant surgery restores the density your bones need so that you can avoid those problems.
Once your implants are in place, it’s even better than having your real teeth! This permanent solution not only affords you good bone structure, improved chewing ability, and the look and feel of your own teeth, but it also means no more root canals or cavities. If you are unhappy with your smile because of missing teeth or loose dentures, contact your local Johns Creek professional implant dentistry experts today.