Our sterilization procedures keep patients safe

At Jones Bridge Dental Care, your health and well being are our top priorities. We employ the highest standards of safety and comply with strict sterilization procedures.Our sterilization area is designed with the most advanced and trusted tools. With our color-coded system and strict policies, there is no mistaking which instruments have been used and which have been cleaned.

Every one of our hygienists and assistants are trained in the proper sterilization of our instruments. At our dental practice in Alpharetta, Georgia, we take the sterilization process so seriously that we have a dedicated staff member whose responsibility is to oversee the process.

Drs. Leo Eliezer, Malikov, and Nasseh also invest in the technologies that make a difference for our patients. Recently, that meant upgrading our X-ray capabilities in order to provide a better, lower radiation alternative. Our latest technology investment means less radiation exposure for our patients, making our office even safer.

Our dentist’s new i-CAT® 3D imaging device gives our dental care team direct access to advanced 3D treatment tools for implants and restorations and for your oral health. The i-CAT’s Ergonomic Stability System reduces the need for retakes by offering adjustable seating and head stability for our patients. The i-CAT also allows our dental care team to adjust the radiation level to the lowest dose possible. It produces high definition 3D images for treatment efficiency in just 4.8 seconds. Why did we choose to make this investment? The i-CAT’s consistently impressive image quality creates high-definition, low-dose scans quickly and easily every time.