Partial Dentures and Their Benefits

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If you are tired of having missing teeth in your smile, we have a solution for you. Multiple missing teeth can be replaced with partial dentures if you have remaining teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Our team at Jones Bridge Dental Care has been helping our patients in Alpharetta, Georgia successfully solve their smile issues.

Partial dentures have several things to offer. They increase self-confidence because they restore your full smile; it’s not easy to have a strong image when you are embarrassed to smile openly only to reveal missing teeth. They also improve your facial appearance, because they keep your facial muscles from sagging which happens over time and bone and gum ridges are lost.

So how do they work their dental magic? After making impressions of your mouth, they are sent to a dental lab for custom crafting. When they come to you, they will either have tooth replacements resting on a metal framework which attach to the remaining teeth either your dental arch. Sometimes you may also need to have dental crowns capping those teeth to anchor the denture.

Not only will your appearance benefit and improve the appearance of your smile, your dentures will help you speak and chew properly again. Missing teeth can make it hard to enunciate properly, and with your teeth effectively replaced this will no longer be the case. In addition. once you are comfortable wearing your dentures, you will be able to chew again. You will need to adjust to wearing the new dentures, which means chewing on both sides of the mouth to keep an even pressure, as well as cutting your food into small pieces and sticking to soft foods initially.

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