Left Untreated a Fractured Tooth Might Come to Foster a New Cavity

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A dental fracture can occur if you grind your teeth while sleeping, or you have a bad habit of chewing on foreign objects. Athletes who fail to wear a protective mouth guard at the required times are at increased risk of suffering a significantly fractured tooth.

Regardless of the initial cause, you should always have a chipped or fractured tooth examined by a dentist like Dr. Leo Eliezer. Left untreated the compromised tooth enamel could start to trap bacterial deposits that could foster a new cavity.

If the surrounding tooth enamel is healthy, Dr. Leo Eliezer might be able to repair a minor dental fracture with a dental filling. If the fracture is in a critical location or compromises a large area of tooth enamel, Dr. Leo Eliezer might recommend treating the tooth with a dental crown.  

This will involve removing the entire tooth enamel layer to replace it with an alternate material.

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