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At Jones Bridge Dental Care, we invest in the latest dental technology so that we can create the best experience for our patients. Recently, that meant upgrading our x-ray capabilities in order to provide a better diagnostic tool with far lower radiation than the alternative.
Our new award winning i-CAT® 3D imaging gives your dental care team direct access to advanced 3D treatment tools for implants and restorations and for your oral health. The i-CAT’s Ergonomic Stability System reduces the need for retakes by offering adjustable seating and head stability. The i-CAT also allows our dental care team to adjust the radiation level to the lowest dose possible and produces high definition 3D images for treatment efficiency in just 4.8 seconds. Since the entire process takes less than a minute, it allows less radiation to enter the body than with traditional CT scans.
The i-CAT is not only fast, but it also gives a clear view of the bone structure, bone density and the location of nerves and tissues. Because of this, the 3D imaging is able to detect hidden problems that may complicate treatment. This also means that procedures such as implants are planned in advance from start to finish, making the entire process done with more speed and precision. The i-CAT allows for the most effective placement for implants including the appropriate size, type and the angle of best fit. In addition, the i-CAT is used to view the precise position of each tooth, impacted teeth, decay between teeth, bone loss, abnormalities and diagnose tumors and other disease in the early stages. Detecting potential dental issues early on may save you money, time and unnecessary discomfort.
Why did we choose to make this investment? The i-CAT’s consistently impressive image quality creates high definition, low dose scans quickly and easily every time. Quite simply, we want the best for you and for every Jones Bridge Dental Care patient.
Every member of the Jones Bridge Dental Care staff will have 16 hours of training on this new technology, so feel free to ask us about it the next time you’re in!