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We all know that dental care is a necessary evil and we do our best to make sure that we make your dental visits easy and you enjoy your time with us as much as possible. This month we are celebrating our first year anniversary of offering Chair Massages at Jones Bridge Dental Care!
This is not a chair that massages you!! No, no…..it is done by our real, live, licensed massage therapist! As of a year ago, we have included a relaxing and/or therapeutic chair massage in our complimentary comfort menu.
A chair massage at JB Dental Care is a 10 minute relaxation or therapeutic massage to your neck, shoulders and upper back. As of a year ago, we have included a relaxing and/or therapeutic chair massage in our complimentary comfort menu. It is administered by our licensed massage therapist (L.M.T.), Katrina. She is a graduate of Atlanta School of Massage, with 20+ years of experience in private practice.

If you have any anxieties about coming to the dentist try 10 minutes of
relaxation massage in our Zen-like relaxation room. Amidst the sounds of a trickling water fall, ocean waves and quiet music, you will leave your cares behind for your dental treatment.
The chair is specially designed to sit on, yet kneel and lean forward. There is a cushioned face cradle, allowing your neck to relax. Chair massage was originally designed to take into the blue-collar businesses. It allowed the employees to relax or get repetitive motion problems addressed, in lieu of a “coffee break”. It has since migrated to the white-collar businesses and now even at Dr. Leo’s office for your relaxation.
The massage is done over your clothing, with no oils or lotions. At JB Dental Care, it takes about 10 minutes, before or after your dental appointment.
Therapeutic Massage brings blood circulation to the area worked on. This helps relieve stress or anxiety, before an appointment. If you have had a long procedure and your head has been turned to one side for a long time, therapeutic massage can release those tightened muscle fibers.
This amenity is part of our Comfort Menu, which is totally complimentary ~ no charge! So, relax, schedule your appointment, and make sure you request your time with Katrina at your next visit to the office.