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In our office, our goal is to provide celebrity treatment for every patient. At Jones Bridge Dental Care, you will never have to choose between exceptional service and affordable care! Dr. Leo invests in furthering the education of his team so that we have the knowledge and resources to provide you with a world class experience.
If you called the Jones Bridge Dental Care office or tried to schedule an appointment late last week, you were probably informed that the entire Jones Bridge Dental Care team was closed and out for a conference. This is a rare occurrence, especially since Jones Bridge Dental Care is typically open Monday – Saturday and has a live team member answering calls at all times! We probably asked for your patience, and reassured you that we will continue to return calls and provide service as quickly as possible. The decision to close the office was made so that the entire team could participate in the 5XSummit conference and learn how to better our relationship with you.
We’ve learned that the best offices are patient and people centric. This means everything we do revolves around you! At Jones Bridge jones bridge dental care teamDental Care, Dr. Leo Yelizarov has led his team in patient focused care since 1996. Over time, he has managed to pull together the best dental team in Atlanta! We start each day in the office, Monday-Saturday, with a morning huddle. During this meeting, we map out our day and discuss each patient’s individual needs. Our goal in these meetings is to proactively prepare for your visit with us.
When you visit our office, you are greeted by cookies, warm cider, and a coffee bar in hopes of warming your day and getting you ready for your time in our chair. We know that a prompt appointment time isn’t just wonderful for our schedule, but delightful to you and your busy schedule too! The comfort menu of complimentary services help you relax and forget that you are even here for your routine or scheduled treatment.
When you tour our office, you’ll learn team1about Dr. Leo and volunteers hosting our annual Free Dentistry Day as well as the rest of our activity within our community. We’ve learned that in order to serve you best, we have to be the best version of ourselves, not just professionally, but personally. By giving back to the community, it helps to build our team engagement and spirit.
At this particular conference, The 5x Summit, we partnered with the scheduling institute to personally donate $1,000 and collaboratively donate over $200,000 to Wounded Warriors!
Once you are seated with us, our Jones Bridge Dental Care team membersoutstanding dental team is informative and gentle in every way. With our state of the art technology, we will typically be able to complete your appointment with same day service. This saves you time and unneeded stress for all your dental care needs. Whether you are coming in for routine dental care, an emergency, restorative care, or simply cosmetic dentistry options, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands possible.
Around here, we like to say that
We’re not just practicing dentistry, We’re perfecting it!
If you ever have a question, suggestion, or concern, please speak with us about it! We look forward to seeing you in our office soon,
The Jones Bridge Dental Care Team