Do You Know Your Options for Dentures?

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While in the past dentures were associated solely with older patients, they have become an effective method of tooth replacement for missing teeth regardless of age. If you are unfamiliar with your options for dentures, we are happy to provide a review of the different types and their functions.

Our dental team at Jones Bridge Dental Care offers a variety of denture appliances to undo the effects of tooth loss, such as speaking, pronouncing words and chewing your food. Our dentist invites you to consider the following types of dentures to help you determine which is right your smile:


– Full/conventional dentures are placed after the gums have fully healed from tooth extraction, and they are designed to replace a full row of teeth.

– Immediate dentures are placed right after any remaining teeth are pulled to provide you with a new smile in the same appointment.

– Partial dentures can improve smiles that still have remaining teeth by filling the large tooth gaps.

With the specific denture care instructions provided by our team, you can keep your dentures strong and functional for several years. You can keep your dentures from drying out by placing them in water or denture cleaner whenever they aren’t being worn.

Please feel free to contact our office at 678-813-1634 today if you need to see Dr. Leo Eliezer to further discuss your options for dentures in Alpharetta, Georgia.