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Last week when the Mayor recognized Dr. Leo and Jones Bridge Dental Care for their 18th year in Johns Creek I was thrilled to learn that he also wanted to recognize Dr. Leo for his 6th annual sponsorship of Free Dentistry Day. After all, Dr. Leo and his team of volunteers have given over 100 hours, seen over 780 patients and performed dental treatment valued over $250,000 during the past 5 years of Free Dentistry day.
I have never completely understood small government. The closest I’ve gotten was my involvement in Student Council in high school. It seemed like a popularity contest, it was not based on merit from my perspective. It did not seem to be about electing the best candidate for the job or recognizing the best citizen. High school was many, many years ago for me so perhaps student government has changed. However, last night my experience with city government was quite different. Refreshing!
As I entered Johns Creek City Hall, I felt more like I was attending court than going to a city meeting. The mood was somber, the lighting a soft fluorescent glow. The Mayor and his city council members were sitting high before us. At first it was exactly what I expected: gavels smacked, minutes reviewed and public disgruntled. Then, there was a shift. The two Eagle Scouts that sat in front of us were asked to come up to receive their recognition from the mayor and city council members. These two boys shone as they were addressed and recognized. The mood in the chambers lifted and hands clapped. Their hard work was celebrated and it made everyone feel great.
When Dr. Leo was called to stand before the Mayor and his 50 guests, I could feel this would be something special. The Mayor recognized Dr. Leo’ s as a
“shining example, an immigrant to our shores who has become a leading citizen in our community.
Dr. Leo beamed with happiness and pride. It seemed to me that all Dr. Leo has worked so hard for in the United States was being recognized. His gift to the community was being given back to him.
306A3324As we left city hall this night, Dr. Leo walked tall. He said it best,
“This recognition proved something important to me: The city of Johns Creek cares greatly about all its citizens and cares enough to recognize their contributions.”
Join us for our next FREE Dentistry Day on Saturday,
June 28, 2014 from 7:00am until 4:00pm.
Written By: Annie