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If you are looking forward to a smorgasbord of feasts this Thanksgiving, you may want to make sure your teeth are up to the task. Have you had your oral exam in the last six months? A single tooth could ruin your entire holiday season. Thankfully, the superstar dentists at Jones Bridge Dental Care can keep you on track for a tooth-filled festive season in as little as one visit. The need for CEREC dental crowns can be diagnosed, custom-designed to your teeth, and placed on the very same day! CEREC crowns offer the following benefits:

– Same-day crowns: can be made and installed in a single visit

– No metals: the crowns are made out of 100% biocompatible ceramic material, thus eliminating the need for any metals

– Fillings: the material used for to make CEREC can also be used for fillings

– No need for temporary crowns: the custom-designed CEREC crown is the only one that will be installed on your tooth

– Longevity: potential lifespan of decades if properly cared for

– Accuracy: the dentist can have more input on the final design of the crown, and can thus make sure it’s as perfectly fitting as possible

For more information on CEREC dental crowns, or to set up an appointment, please contact us at 678-813-1634, to speak to a member of our staff. You are also welcome to stop by our office in Alpharetta, Georgia. Start your thanksgiving season with a smile!