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JonesBridge 30.10.2013 Preventive Dentistry 0
Dear Jones Bridge Dental Care Family,
Halloween is upon us, and so are all the scary movies on tv, haunted houses, and decorations that make us jump. But none of those frighten us here at Jones Bridge Dental Care… it’s the candy, treats, soda, and sugar, sugar, sugar that our patients are tempted with on this fun holiday! The truth is, sugary and acidic foods can lead to tooth decay, and some serious post-holiday regrets.
While it would be nice North Fulton and South Forsyth came together to decide that all your neighbors would give out fresh fruit or sugar-free candy (though we’re sure the kids disagree), it’s an undeniable fact: high-sugar sweets are still America’s favorite Halloween treat. So what can you do to save your teeth (and your waistline)?
Remember that nature made sugar hard to get – then we made it easy! If possible, try to limit sugar intake, particularly for children. Encourage kids to drink plenty of water while snacking – soda will only make things worse! On Halloween night, let them sort and touch their take but then choose a set number of treats (2 or 3) and put the rest away. Remember, no matter how worn out you and your kiddos are, it’s vital to make sure they brush their teeth before bed (you too, mom & dad!) on Halloween night!
Another option for limiting sugar intake in the weeks ahead is to trade your kids for a portion of their candy (that they select), in exchange for a non-sugar treat like a book, a toy, stuffed animal, or other prize. Many families have the kids choose what candy to keep and put the rest outside their door as they go to sleep on Halloween night. The next morning, the candy has been replaced with a prize instead!
So, now, what to do with all that candy to keep it from infecting your household? Jones Bridge Dental Care will be again hosting our annual Candy Buy Back! Bring your candy, as much as you like, and we will pay you $1 per pound (up to 5 pounds). We’ll ship it all to our troops as a part of Operation Gratitude.
The annual Jones Bridge Dental Care Candy Buy Back will take place Monday November 4th-13th during normal business hours, at our office at 11925 Jones Bridge Road in Alpharetta. The collected candy will be distributed to our troops who are away from home.
Sadly, even with these precautions, sometimes we do see the ill effects of sticky, sugary treats. If you think you or your child may have developed a cavity (whether the result of Halloween indulgences or not), please call us at 678-374-4773 for a check up. Remember: even temporary baby teeth need to be properly cared for, as tooth decay can affect permanent adult teeth as well.
We’d like to wish you and your family the best this fall season. We hope that when the sweets of autumn runneth over, you’ll think of us (and your smiles)!
If you have questions regarding sugar and dental health, please call our office at (678)374-4773 today.
Best Regards,
Dr. Leo, Dr. Nasseh & Dr. Malikov
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