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How many times have you brushed your teeth today?

Did you use your favorite brand of toothpaste? There is one Silicon Valley start up that believes you may be changing your answers to both of those questions soon. CBS News correspondent, Ben Tracy, says they plan to change your routine and possibly redefine your dental care plan.
Regardless of what your favorite brand or flavor of toothpaste is, the products available on the shelf and their effectiveness haven’t changed much in the paste few decades. These products are a staple for dental care and hygiene and no matter the brand, we consistently promote their use at least twice daily. However, Livionex founder and CEO Amit Goswamy say your typical toothpaste has a lot of room for improvement! He isn’t even calling his new product a toothpaste, but rather, a dental gel.
This gel has been claimed to be more than twice as effective when compared to your conventional toothpaste. Conventional toothpaste uses a combination of detergents and abrasives to remove plaque. Livionex is breaking the mold and claims to be the first to attack bacteria at the molecular level, making it more difficult for it to stick to our teeth in the first place. Their goal is to break the molecular bond between the plaque sticking to your teeth, so, it’ll just slide right off!
Goswamy isn’t just talking big, he’s commissioned a clinical trial at the University of California Irvine to prove his new dental gel works. Livionex is a little pricier than your conventional toothpaste at $20 for 1.7 ounces, but it may be well worth the price if it’s proven to truly work.
At Jones Bridge Dental Care, we are always looking for the best options for our own and our patient’s dental health. We can never emphasize enough that preventative dentistry is the best method for preventing your need for more expensive restorative dentistry options. So, we’re looking forward to the clinical trial results! Stay tuned for updates.
Until then, keep brushing after each meal!