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Are you interested in fixing your missing teeth problem with dental implants, but you are nervous about the financial-related details?
Well, as your dentists, we want you to be well informed about dental implants. So, Alpharetta, GA patients and residents, we invite you to learn more about the ways in which you can afford dental implants, and ways to minimize the costs!


If your implants dentist is well experienced and keeps abreast of cutting-edge techniques, this may be one opportunity to lessen the cost of implants.
Advanced methods exist (for placing implants, preparing implants, and the like) that have the potential for lessening both the time it takes for the implants procedure, and how much it will cost.
It is recommended to research and be sure of the dentist’s experience with placing implants, along with his/her credentials and training. All of these factors will likely benefit you in the future.


There is a chance that, unfortunately, your dental insurance may not cover the costs related to the implants procedure.
However, there have been times when dental insurance companies have paid for the procedure.
Find out what your insurance covers and does not cover. If you need help with this, our knowledgeable, friendly office staff can help you.


It is always a good idea to find out the payment options available to you before treatment begins. That way, you will feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to financial-related concerns about the procedure.
Learn about the payment options available to you, including plans offered by patient financing companies, as well as credit cards.
Don’t let the insurance companies decide what kind of dental treatment you need and deserve.


One myth about dental implants is that they are expensive!
Actually, dental implants costs are not much more than a 3-tooth bridge, and implants are expected to last longer than bridges, too.
The fact is that, when you have dental implants, you won’t have to spend additional money fixing or replacing them (like you potentially would with other restorative dentistry services). There are times when you may need the crown (which is placed on top of the implant) restored or repaired, though.
When you choose implants, you will see that the benefits far outweigh the costs–
team2literally! This long-term restorative dentistry service is expected to last for decades after initial placement.
That means no more problems associated with missing teeth, dentures, or bridges!
As you can see, there are several options and ways in which you can decrease dental implants costs. Here at Jones Bridge Dental Care, we strive to provide top-notch dentistry services in a relaxing office environment.
We are more than happy to discuss the dental implants procedure with you, along with any questions or concerns you may have. Your consultation appointment is the first step to learning more specific details about dental implants, or any other general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry service we offer.